Bangalore, India
In association with One Life Academy & FridayFryums

5PM, 3RD APRIL 2015

   Hotel Nahar Heritage, St Marks Road, Bangalore
A training session that will help you find the treasure buried in the vast ocean, known as ‘Social Media’. Learn why you need a treasure MAP (Marketing Achievement Plan), steer your ship in the right direction, keep a careful watch on competition and cut through the confusion to discover the bounty that awaits you!

Beejal's content is full of gold, diamonds & pearls that will help you better leverage Social Media for your brand and your business.
"What you think about yourself, all your self-belief, your positive mental attitude is not relevant, from an online marketing perspective... what matters is what people think of you when they engage with you online."

- Beejal Parmar, CEO, EngageWise.com


Beejal Parmar

5 years ago, Beejal Parmar, was broke and busted, unable to pay rent. Under the mentorship of an internet marketing pioneer, he was turned his life around in just 12 months, by harnessing the power of digital marketing and social media. Today Beejal travels around the world teaching entrepreneurs how to achieve greater success using digital marketing, social media and virtualization.

"If you're an entrepreneur or business owner you must learn to harness the power of Social Media."


Social Media is no longer a passing fad in marketing, expert marketers realize that a significant number of buying decisions are made based on the impact of your social media has on your target market. However, without the right knowledge and strategies, you can waste a lot of time and money!

Not only does Beejal use social media to promote himself, his business, he also works with top digital marketers around the world. Learn the fundamentals of how to become a rockstar in your niche


During the 90 minute presentation Beejal will share strategies, tip and tools that will help you leverage your digital marketing and power your social media, actual tips and strategies you can leave with and implement and start seeing immediate results

The fundamentals of creating digital gold

Designing a path to your social media stardom

3 things you can do to profit from Facebook

Fan Page secrets to boost your brand

Datamine Twitter for thousands of leads

Leverage Linkedin automatically

Using software to save time and make money

and much more


If your target market, your prospects are using Social Media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, you really want to attend this training. This training is ideal for (but not limited to):
  • Life Coaches
  • Speakers & Trainers
  • Authors
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Multi-Level (Networking) Marketing Professionals
  • Brand Managers
  • Social Media Managers
  • B2C Business Owners
  • Website Designers
  • Technology Service Providers


Beejal's M.A.C.E.M. Buy Marketing Funnel Blueprint

When you attend Power Your Social Media event, you will receive the MACEM Buy marketing funnel blueprint, a video training program and blueprint, created by Beejal, which you can follow to create your digital marketing funnel. Beejal has taught the ‘MACEM Buy’ model has been taught to entrepreneurs all over the world is the exact same process Beejal uses to evaluate and create marketing funnels for his clients markets.


Digital Success Training

When you attend Power Your Social Media, you will also get access to hundreds of online entrepreneurship, success training training videos. You will be guided by top trainers who have helped over 44 people become millionaires. This is an easy to follow training program by one of Beejal’s mentors. Learn how to create online income, residual income and passive income from the comfort of your laptop.

About Beejal Parmar

Beejal Parmar is an internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer, author and global entrepreneur. He works with 123Employee and helps manage a team of 400 employees based in the Philippines, he is co-founder of EngageWise.com, a powerful social media marketing platform, and creator of Personality Success Blueprint online digital training program. He co-facilitates Beyond Marketing Live, a 3-Day event that is now in it 5th year and has benefitted audiences all over the USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Singapore.

Unlike many of the trainers who conduct workshops on Social Media, Beejal practices what he teaches, and his life is in the public (via Facebook) for all to see. He is a charismatic, entertaining speaker, with a novel approach to giving presentations and as such, he is invited to speak at events all over the world.


After 10 years of struggle as an entrepreneur, Beejal got a break when he helped business maverick Daven Michaels grow 123Employee, a Philippines based marketing outsourcing services provider grow from 200 employees to 400.

Beejal, born in the UK, graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He lived and worked in the US from 1997-2010, when a twist of fate forced him to leave the US. Over a cup of tea, his wife and he, decided to sell everything and travel the world. First stop… India. He arrived in Delhi with his wife and two young daughter (6 and 10) arrived in Oct 2010 with 4 bags… this was the start of a global adventure. They decided to make Bangalore their base in India. In 2013, Beejal founded EngageWise with Soumitra Paul. Today, EngageWise is fast becoming a popular Social Media marketing platform combining technology, online training and live events.

In association with One Life Academy to celebrate the 10th successful event of FridayFryums.
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Date: 3rd March 2015
Time: 5.00pm High Tea & Networking
6.00pm Power Your Social Media session with Beejal Parmar
7.30pm Q & A session Facilitated by Suresh Babu, director of One Life Academy

Venue: Hotel Nahar Heritage, St Marks Road, Bangalore